70 dead, dozen still missing after Turkey floods

Officials stated on Monday that 70 people died and 47 are still missing in Turkey after flash floods ravaged the Black Sea region last week.

As rescue and recovery personnel dig through wreckage left behind by subsiding waves in the hardest-hit areas, the death toll has been rising all weekend.
According to the disaster and emergency agency, more than 40 communities still lack electricity, and other sections lack running water.

According to the report, emergency responders set up temporary cell phone receivers and transmitters to improve communication.
The damage in Turkey’s northern regions occurred just as the country was regaining control of hundreds of wildfires that had killed eight people and burned massive swaths of woodland along its beautiful southern coast.

When their Russian Be-200 firefighting jet crashed in a remote mountainous zone in the south on Saturday, five Russian servicemen and three Turkish nationals died.
Natural disasters like wildfires and floods, according to scientists, are growing increasingly powerful and common as a result of global warming caused by polluting emissions.

By Tayo Olusanya

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