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Exclusive: Drug Addiction, Abuse in Nigeria Today

Welcome to the June Edition of Drug Addiction and with us on this edition here is an Instructor and a Laboratory Scientist who has been anchoring seminars on Drug Addiction for some time now. He is no other person than Akindoyin Oluwasegun Can we know you sir? My name is Akindoyin Oluwasegun Olaniyan, a trained medical laboratory scientist and Educator How can you define Drug Addiction? Drug addiction occur when an individual depends solely on drug, such a person will not be able to do anything except he or she is on drug so drug motivate such person to work or excite such person to do certain things What are the clear differences between drug abuse and drug addiction? Firstly, I would love to mention two types of drug which are Illicit and Legal. Legal drugs are the drug prescribed by trained medical personnel for the treatment of certain ailment or malfunction in the system under medical care while Illicit are the drugs produced in the laboratory, it has no significant effect or use, it has no medical value than destruction of man. They are illicit, they are produced illegally. Kindly give us some clear comparison of the side effects of drug abuse and drug addiction, the social, psychological and economic? Drugs affect the mind of everyone that takes this therefore they perceive their environment differently, they see the fake side of the environment but they never know what the real environment is. That is why a drug addict may have blank time when they don’t know what they are doing e.g. some will kill or destroy properties and when you accuse them, they say No. Some may even be in blank form in longer period, they won’t know what they are passing through It also affects the finances and health of drug addicts, it will affect their brain, liver, kidney, brain and every organ of the system and this will lead to disease and disease may lead to death. It has a grievous effect upon one. Everyone taking it has a short life span as it is written on cigarette that Smokers are reliable to die young as you know Cigarette is an illicit drug but legalized likewise alcohol, the two affect the mind and the brain Psychologically the youths and the drug addicted People are highly sensitive to their environment and the situation they find themselves, they don’t like it so they want elevated place, they need higher form or ground so they thought the drug will help them to elevate themselves, some believe their creativity is low and they needed a higher creativity but knowing that failing to know that drug they embark upon will ruin their creativity, the one they have will be takes away from them. What about the Economy? Most of these people want to improve on their creativity which will lead to the improvement in their economic system but the drug will take away their finances and will create holes in their finance purse and they will be bankrupt and at the same time, they will be ill their health and creativity will be taken away from them. Drug destroys and this brings one to zero or less than zero, it has no good effect on the physiological economy or physical state of man What are possible factors that can cause drug abuse? Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse are almost the same, the two are misuse of drug. Drug abuse starts from home. Everyone abuses drug, they take drug without being described by medical personnel. The peer group and the environment at large, an abused child also may take drug for an escape. The youth want to fit into the system and as a result of that, they think when they take drug, they will be fit into the system. Some take it as a means of relaxation, they want to escape from what they are thinking within themselves. They want to be relieved from their boredom and they take decision on their own. This may lead some of them to take drug. I heard the story of a young man who said “I want to show my father that I’ve grown” and he went to buy cigarette and started smoking just to show his father that he has grown enough. Some may take it as a form of rebel, they want to show, rebel, react and if they don’t take drugs, they won’t have the confidence to rebel. They believe if they take drug, it will give them the great confidence to act. A lot of young ones are explorers, they want to experience drugs which may lead to another level. They think drug has solutions to their problems so they rush to them and because of the Peddlers who convince them that when they take drugs, their problems will be solved. They can be misled by the Peddlers. Is there any good side of drug addiction?/ is there any advantage of drug addiction? Drug has no good side effects, it only takes those things you have away and leave you below zero level e.g. take away your senses, your creativity, your ego, family, your finances, health and leave you with nothing or less than nothing. What are the steps to take for stopping addiction?/ how can one stop the habit of drug addiction? It’s a very difficult step but we can prevent it at the beginning, it’s possible to nip this on the board rather trying to stop it after it has happened. The data from USA said that only about 2% of this people can be rehab, to rehabilitate those ones who are addicted takes some time, it involves everyone. what will need to do is to talk about it, let the world know the effect of drugs, the fact of these drugs and the impact of the drugs in their lives, on the society at large, if they know this, they will be able to caution themselves and when it comes to matter of treatment, the government have to take a bold step about it. The medications is so expensive and the accommodation might not be enough to accommodate them because the level is getting higher every day, so my suggestion is that every individual, community, family should speak about drug abuse so they can know the fact and truth about it, people can deviate from it and stop it completely but for those ones who are already addicted, it will take society sometime to get over this but what will need to do is to show them love, remember The Addicted people are sick and we can not neglect them, they can not take good care of themselves. They are just like someone having malaria and sleeping always, they need to be catered for, this is the duty of everyone, we need to be talking about it, we need to relate with them, we need to show them love, tell them the truth, they need to feel we want to help them so that we can cure the fear in their act then they will progress, during this a lot of them will be rehab and the number of addictions in our community will be reduced. How can we help a drug addict? The only way to help them is to show them love and to let them know the truth, let them be aware of the truth about the truth. How do you think the rate of drugs usage can be reduced? To reduce this level of education, education is needed, let us educate them in our schools, in our homes, in the community, let everyone speak of the fact about these drugs, let us encourage them that we’re going to take care of them even when they have taken we have take them to and only that may not solve the issue. They need networking, communication and reassurance, we should absorb them back into the community so they can be useful for themselves and the community. Why is it rampant among the youths these days? This is common among the youths because they want to show themselves, I said earlier on that they are Explorers, Thu want to try new things, they want to be accommodated into the society. They think when they take the drug, People will notice and appreciate them, people will know that they have grown and that they can take responsibility in the society but all these depends on the drug peddlers that mislead this young ones and that’s the reason why the parents must stand and talk to their children, they should be friends with their children There is this general assumption that it’s only the youths that abuse drugs and that are drug addicted, what do you think about that? Drug addiction is evenly distributed in the society, both youth and adult take it but it most listed among the youths because they know little or nothing about the drug and the drug affect them more than the others, the misbehaviors, the stealing and all the vices are easily noticed in the youth. That’s why it’s believed that the youths take drug more than others. It’s found in every profession, it’s found everywhere not only the youths and it’s a problem that must be stopped, it’s nothing but an epidemic that must be stopped Do you think the government are making efforts to curb addiction in Nigeria? Government are trying, they are carrying out their own responsibility to the best of their knowledge, recently they Seized some drugs from dealers, if this can continue it will minimize the rate at which the drug get to people but above this, the best thing is for an individual to be aware about the truth about the drug even though they are selling It so cheap, when you aware about the damage this thing can do, you will definitely withdraw from taking it, you won’t be entice even if you are enticed, you won’t take it Let there be public awareness, it should be spoken in the street, in the community, in the media, let there be slogans. We have them back in the olden days. There are the jingles they play in the 70’s, but where are they now The effect of drug addiction may not be noticed until the deed has been done, a woman who is taking slimy tablet or a woman who wants to control her waist or who is placed on drug that is not monitored may develop series of reactions until this effect is seen, nobody will know that she’s on drug and some of the children too, people will not know they are on drug until the characteristics begin to show in their lives and they begin to reflect the actions because of this the parents, the Community at large must on look out so we can all try to stop it before it gets to the climax, it might be difficult to control, not only that, almost 50% of the population takes drug. For example A father going out in the morning will take Nescafe (Caffeine) and in the afternoon, he will take two or more sticks of cigarettes and he will take beer in the evening, definitely such a person is on drug and this will have side effects on the person.
By Fikayo Ajayi
In Extension Of Last Edition’s “Drug Addiction” Column By Olutayo Olusanya

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