A Nigerian, sexagenarian Adeyinka Ajose sentenced to prison in Britain for sexual assault to teenager

The Croydon court, England have sentenced one Adeyinka Ajose to 18years in prison for sexual assault to a teenager.

Based on the report on the metropolitan police website, the 64year old Nigeria born man was sentenced on Thursday after admitting to multiple sexual offence committed against the victim.

‘Those that abuse the trust of the most vulnerable in our society are some of the most insidious offenders, Mathew Amos the investigative officer said the offence committed by Ajose are truly shocking and sentence he has received reflects this.

‘if the victim had not had the courage to come forward, Ajose campaign of abuse may well have continue, Ajose was found guilty on four counts of the rape of a female child abuse under 13, one count of the sentence assault of female child under 13and one count of assault/penetration of a child.

The court heard that were called to a residence address in Addington Croydon at 21;13 hour on November last year, the victim allege that she was sexually abused by Ajose for several months, the accused was subsequently arrested and was charged on November last year and remanded in custody for trial.

‘I urge anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse or who knows anything about it to come and report to police ‘Amos said, we have specially trained officers who will listen to and support you

by Moses Oyejola

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