When is the right the right time to date

Hmmmmm guys, like really??????? This is probably one of the top questions running through quite a good number of teenagers minds. I clearly understand how such thoughts come into play or possible ways of joining the dating league.

Okayyyyyyyyyyy guys let me take down memory lane. Growing up for me wasn’t the all fun and groovy kinda life we teenagers love or like to live. Those times to us we always wanted some sort of freedom and we exhibit some traits that seem to be wrong on the path of our parents just because they are overly protective and are yet to build their trust in us as young blood.

Moving on, my parents are the protective ones like I mean “PROTECTIVE” lol I just had to use capital letter so you can fully understand if you have protective parents. Though at certain stages of my life it helped disciplined me, I couldn’t make certain decisions without having them at heart (story for another day).

Back to the matter *winks*. Imagine me having relationship running through my mind y’all likeeeee…… I didn’t even think of the outcome lol. Right now I’m wondering how I even went through that path well I didn’t think about it properly and funny thing is I wasn’t under any pressure, like one bit well I feel its one of those insensitive decisions sha lol. Looking at the type of parents I have hehehehehehehe I am sure I did not count the cost.

Dating is somewhat a thing of time for me. I tell you guys I have been there and I know what it looks like taking such decision at that time, it was a clear distraction. You can’t possibly be gathering yourself up for what lies ahead of you and still expect to be committed. In fact both parties are not even sure of what lies ahead of them so why dwell In so much of uncertainty.

As young chap the focus should remain fixed on been a better person and getting ready for different phases of your life. You can’t have all that to deal with and still expect to carry along with you someone you are in the same shoes with. I know some of you will say can I go for someone older hehehehehe my dear he or she won’t want to be drawn back because the timing is way too far. You can only be lucky if he is willing to build with you but its very scarce like SCARCE.

In my head right now some of you are like ‘oh my friend is doing it ‘you see those ones will never tell you all that comes with it and I bet you they are usually not quick to open up to you they rather encourage you. I wasn’t under any pressure to date like I mentioned earlier, it was this emotional thing that got hold of me and it swept me off my feet and sweethearts I paid for it.

I got all cut up in irrelevant relationships that was too much of distractions for me. That I was young didn’t deprive me of not having feelings ooo but it was rather too unnecessary at that point in time. So you ask me when is the time then? I won’t attribute any specific time to dating but I tell you it’s a thing of absolute readiness in all areas of your life. You can’t be having intellectual, psychological, mental imbalance and expect to handle a relationship.

Adults even find it hard to settle in for relationships just because of so many things they can’t seem to handle in their current state and things needs to be in place. Get to know who you really are, work towards getting better, acquire skills, run courses online, learn and keep learning. It won’t take you too long how much time you’ve invested in yourself even in the place of prayers. By then you will be a freshly baked bread lol…..its not a thing of age though but of SENSE like SENSE oooooooo smiles……Catch yaaaaaa!!!!!!! *winks*

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