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Addiction to gambling is brain disease, Psychiatrist says

Dr. Tiwatayo Lasebikan, a psychiatrist, claims that gambling addiction is a brain illness with symptoms that are similar to those of other neurodegenerative conditions.
Lasebikan, a senior resident at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Yaba, Lagos, said this on Nigerian Info 99.3 FM’s Morning Crossfire broadcast on Thursday.
When it comes to gambling addiction, the doctor made it plain that it is a brain disease in all of its forms.

“As mental health professionals, we understand that addiction is a disease of the brain. “We term it a brain disease because when you look at the brain of someone who has an addiction to cannabis, alcohol, or gambling, you can observe brain abnormalities that are similar to other neurodegenerative diseases,” Lasebikan explained.
The psychiatrist, on the other hand, pointed out that a brain examination may be carried out using special procedures, and that the only way to detect addiction is to look at its characteristics.

“Intense craving is one of the features. Craving is defined as “a compulsion and difficulty in resisting the temptation to do anything you want to do to the point where it becomes a cycle,” he stated.
“Some individuals gamble and bet for the fun of it, and it simply stays there. Then it becomes an issue when it begins to interfere with your ability to perform in your job, family, or social life.

“Finally, it becomes an addiction when it is no longer just a problem but a cycle. “At this time, you have an incredible desire to gamble,” Lasebikan explained.
He went on to say that gambling addiction “rewires your brain,” causing it to take control of the gambler’s activities. He advised anyone seeking treatment for a gambling addiction to see a psychiatrist.

by olutayo olusanya

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