Another football star dies after cardiac arrest on pitch

Another football star, Alexandros Lampis has died after he suffered a cardiac arrest during a match.

Lampis, a Greek footballer, died at the age of 21 on Wednesday.

His death is coming less than two months after a football star in Oman, Mukhaled Al-Raqadi,Died after a heart attack he suffered while warming up ahead of a match.

Lampis collapsed with just five minutes on the clock during a game on Wednesday at the First Municipal Stadium in a south-eastern suburb of Athens.

The attacking midfielder was representing Ilioupoli, who play in the third tier of Greek football, before the incident occurred after five minutes where no defibrillator or ambulance was present at the stadium.

The match against Ermionida was abandoned following the shocking incident.

Reacting, his club, Ilioupoli wrote on their website: “Our Aleko, our friend, our brother, you left so unjustly. The whole team, the whole city, is mourning today.

“The words do not come out… only an unbearable pain and a knot in the stomach. Have a good trip Alecara.”

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