Are we eating social media? Lawmaker endorses ban of social media

Fataru Muhammad, a member of the house of representative has criticized the use of social media and defended the ban on Tuesday during an investigative hearing organized for the popular Twitter ban.

“For God sake, what is social media? Are we eating social media? Let us go back to the resources, and harvest them, and let keep this thing aside, and face the real problem in Nigeria,” the lawmaker said.

It is noteworthy that the Hon. Muhammed is related to the president and he is the Representative of Daura Federal Constituency in Katsina State where Pres. Buhari hails from.

Fataru Mohhamed is a Relative to President Buhari who is also a member of The house of representatives

Fataru Mohammed made the statement on Tuesday during the investigative hearing organised by the House joint committees on Information, National Orientation, Ethics and Values alongside the National Security, Justice and Commerce.

The lawmaker said that Social Media is not what we need as a country and since it is not food, we should focus on what is important although he didn’t specify on what that is.

“My colleagues have spoken the mind of their constituents. If I would speak the mind of my constituents, I would include the president, because out of 360 of us, I am the only one voted by the president. Look, Nigeria first, let us be honest to ourselves, let us call a spade a spade,” he said.

“If the minister did not ban Twitter on the instruction of the President, the kind of insults to the sovereignty of Nigeria from the users of Twitter would be more than what we are facing. Let’s tell ourselves the truth, Nigeria first. Sometimes, when I am reading tweets, I am disappointed with the youths (because) we are the future of Nigeria,” he said. The government declared that a committee has been set-up on Tuesday, headed by Minister of Information Lai Mohammed to negotiate with Twitter, Lai Mohammed who initially announced the ban on twitter on June 4 is going to lead the negotiations with twitter

By : David Adeleye

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