Baba ijesha scandal: popular Nigerian thespian appeal for bail gets denied by magistrate court

Popular Nigerian comedian James Olarewaju popularly called Baba Ijesha was denied bail in ongoing court saga over his alleged sexual assault of an underage girl in a magistrate court hearing on Wednesday, June 16
The Baba ijesha saga has been very popular since he was arrested by the Lagos state police force on the 22nd of April after he allegedly sexually assaulted an underage girl who was under the care of popular comedienne known as princess, the issue caused a lot of uproar throughout the country.
His lawyer, kayode olabiran pleaded with the presiding judge to grant bail to his client because of his deteriorating health, the presiding Judge P.E Nwaka denied the appeal saying that the case is very controversial and some procedures must be passed before he can make such ruling, he declared that the case is beyond his jurisdiction. The Judge said that the case has been filed to the high court
Baba ijesha was initially granted bail but he wasn’t released from the police custody, the superindent of police in charge of the case Mrs Yetunde Cardoso, said the matter is also beyond the control of the police, she said
“Mr Olanrewaju was actually granted bail during the JUSUN strike and based on the conditions given, he couldn’t meet them and he was properly charged today (Wednesday),” she said.
“Just like the court stated, the case has already been filed before the high court and the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) of Lagos State Ministry of Justice has taken over the matter from the police.
“So presently, we have handed over to the DPP so the case is before them (DPP). It has nothing to do with the police anymore, it’s now left for the DPP to handle it.”
Many people were in attendance including Yomi fabiyi who drew controversy when Baba ijesha was first arrested after the actor said some controversial statement that drew backlash from many other fellow actors most popularly iyabo ojo.

Baba ijesha’s case will now be given a later date for court proceedings at the appeal court.

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