BBNaija reunion: I’m just living my normal life, not bragging- Kiddwaya

Despite popular belief that former BBNaija housemate Kiddwaya flaunts his family’s riches, the young man has said that he did not do so while on the show.
Last night on the reunion program, Kaisha confronted Kiddwaya about certain comments he made in the house that seemed to suggest he was boasting about his father’s riches.

“You claimed your father helped some politicians get to specific positions,” Kaisha remarked. You also stated that you came in on a private aircraft to attend the concert in Lagos. Isn’t all of this implying that you’re attempting to convince others that you’re wealthy? You’re attempting to claim that you didn’t flaunt your money, but I’m going to tell you about the things you said that made it appear as if you were flaunting your wealth.”

Kiddwaya responded by saying that he was only going about his daily routine, which made it look as though he was bragging about his fortune to her.
“Let me be clear: I have never mentioned my family’s riches. I mentioned that my father assisted some politicians in achieving specific positions, but that is not riches. That is a power play, not a money play. To you, me going about my business implies I’m flaunting my wealth,” he explained.

By Olutayo Olusanya

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