COVID-19: Lagos Initiate Oxygen Treatment, Sample Collection Centres

The Lagos State Government has fully activated 10 COVID Oxygen Treatment and Sample Collection Centres as well as 20 Local Government Area (LGA) based COVID Sample Collection Sites as part of its efforts to minimize the effects of the third wave of COVID-19 infection in the state.

Prof. Akin Abayomi, the Commissioner for Health, stated this today while reviewing reports of operations at the centers, noting that the centers, which were established during the first and second waves of the global pandemic, have been rejigged and reinvigorated to provide quick oxygen therapy to residents who require it, as well as easy access to COVID testing for citizens who require it.

The 10 COVID Oxygen Treatment and Sample Collection Centres, he continued, were developed as dual-purpose institutions strategically positioned in 10 local government regions with a high burden of COVID infection cases to provide oxygen assistance and act as a COVID sample collection base for residents.

“The 20 LGA-Based COVID Sample Collection Sites are community-based sites operated by Medical Officers of Health in each of the 20 LGAs and supervised by the Lagos State Primary Health Care Board in collaboration with the Lagos State Biobank to increase the ease of access of residents to testing,” he says.

Abayomi remarked, “The reactivation of these centers and sites is part of the reaction strategy to the recent rise in COVID-19 infection brought on by the third wave of novel strains. Patients with Oxygen will be supported by the Oxygen Treatment Centres, while patients with any of the COVID symptoms or who have been exposed to a verified COVID case will be served by the LGA Based Sample Collection Sites.”

He stated that the state government is doing everything possible to increase testing and improve COVID case management by providing citizens with support and seamless access to quality and efficient COVID care services in order to reduce the third wave of COVID and prevent the infection from spreading further.

The Commissioner asked individuals who will be visiting these centers to follow all non-pharmaceutical treatments such as face mask use, social distancing, and hand cleanliness as part of the protocols to prevent the spread of the infection. Officials at the facilities have been directed to follow COVID standards to the letter, he said.

By Tosin Salami

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