Covid 19: Lagos records 135 deaths in 3rd wave, commences Moderna vaccination

The Lagos State goverment on Monday said it will commenced administering the 299,992 doses of Moderna Covid 19 vaccines it received from the Federal Government on Wednesday August 25, 2021 across its 150 centres in the state.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu who stated this while giving an update on the state government management and monitoring strategy of the third wave of COVID 19, at the Lagos House, Ikeja, said people should log in to dedicated portal to register as vaccination would be based on appointments.

The Governor also said Lagos was committed to tracing persons of interest that arrived the country and herd vaccination of its citizens as it was been proactive in its strategies which included testing, isolation, vaccine and home based care through Ekotelemed, saying they had been recording low COVID 19 positivity rate on people that had earlier been vaccinated with the double dose of astrazenaca vaccine.

He said the government was expecting another delivery of astrazenaca vaccines soon urging people who had taken the first dose to be patience and said Lagos had lost over 500 lives to COVID 19 out of which one 135 fatalities happened within the third wave while commiserating with the families that lost their loved ones.

Speaking on the residents doctors strike,
Governor Sanwo-Olu said it was unfortunate but that government was working round the clock to resolve it while urging the people to continue to adhered to the safety protocols put in place by the government and health organisations across the world to contain Covid 19 pandemic.

The governor said as at August 21, 2021, the state had recorded a total of 70,563 confirmed cases of COVID-19 out of which 60,716
have recovered in-community, and 4,387 are currently being
managed actively in-community.

” Over the course of managing
the COVID-19 pandemic, about 5,551 patients have been admitted into our various COVID-19 care centres in Lagos, with
506 registered fatalities. Of these deaths, 135 have sadly,
happened in this current third wave,” Sanwo-Olu said.

On those that have benefited from the home-based care programme, powered by the
EKOTELEMED call center, the governor said the programme has catered to 5,074 Covid positive persons, out of a total of 20,716 positive persons.

He said the state have been able to mitigate the spread of the third wave through vaccination during the first and second waves, adding the state “have not spared any cost to ensure that the vaccines that have been provided by the Federal
Government are made available to every resident that meets the requirements for the vaccination program.

He urged those yet to receive the vaccines not ‘visit any of the allocated
facilities until you have registered online and been given an appointment date.

“Register and book an appointment on the
Federal Government’s vaccination portal, at You can find the list of healthcare
facilities at which vaccinations will be taking place on the website of the Lagos State government,” he added.

He also reiterated warnings that those who had received the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine should not take the Modenna vaccine as second dose but rather should wait til the state received the second batch of Astrazenaca vaccine.

“Our ultimate goal in Lagos State is to vaccinate 60% of our
residents in good time,” he said.

For In-bound passengers from countries tagged as red zone such as South Africa, India, Turkey, and Brazil, he urged them to abide by protocols by isolating themselves, , adding between May 8, 2021 and August 21, 2021, a
total of 88,847 Persons of Interest (POIs) arrived in Lagos via the Murtala Mohammed Internationa Airport, out of which 1,073 have tested positive following arrival.

By Anthonia Duru

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