Covid-19: Viewers banned from Olympic venue in Tokyo

Because of a viral emergency, spectators will be prohibited from entering Olympic venues in Tokyo, Japan’s Olympic minister declared on Thursday, meaning the Games will be held primarily behind closed doors.
After meetings with local and national government officials, organizers, and Olympic and Paralympic executives, Tamayo Marukawa remarked, “We reached an agreement on no spectators at venues in Tokyo.”

The majority of the Olympic events will take place in Tokyo, while a handful will take place elsewhere throughout Japan.
In other regions, organisers will decide on “concrete measures” for spectators after conversations with each local governor, according to Marukawa.
The public has previously been warned to avoid the marathon, which is being held in northern Hokkaido to avoid the summer heat in Tokyo.
A substantial portion of the torch relay’s journey throughout the country was also held behind closed doors due to virus fears.

After the Japanese government announced on Thursday that Tokyo would be under a viral state of emergency from July 12 to August 22, the spectator decision was made.
The policy is a lot more lenient than other countries’ strict lockdowns, but it comes as infections in the capital are on the rise, and there’s fear about

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