Fashion Trend for Ladies in 2021:Do’s and Don’t

Fashion is an industry that attracts or captivates the interest of many women worldwide. Fashion trend is something that never grows old. As each year comes to an end another one begins.
It is once said that the way you dress is the way you would be addressed. You can tell a lot about a lady by the way she presents herself. That’s why it’s necessary to look classy, smart, and super attractive at all times.

Most especially the single ladies, who knows your Mr. right might come knocking hell yeah! And even if you are married there is no harm in looking really good so that you could knock your husband down to your feet by your amazing fashion sense. You know men likes what they see right?

It’s not enough to dress moderately, dress to kill, look sharp, classy, neat and most importantly beautiful, because beauty is not only by the face, it’s in the attitude and with the way you present yourself. Please don’t forget to smile, you can’t be looking all classy and be carrying a grumpy face. Remember that you are never fully dressed without a smile, so come with me as we take a closer look at various fashion trends as we prepare for a stylish year in 2021.

Read the list for my new month fashion do’s and don’t

Do pencil heels
Its okay to wear block heels when you are going out for a girl’s night out or probably an event but for your everyday outfits most especially your office wears. Pencil heels go with anything be it high waist skirts, gowns, even your pants. It makes you look smart and sharp at all times. If you are going to work, church or probably going out on a date consider wearing pencil heels instead of a block heel.

Don’t wear flare skirt with shirts
Flare skirts are classy when combined with sleeveless or off shoulder tops. Its wrong to combine flare skirts with a shirt. Combining flare skirt with a shirt makes you look shabby or unkept.

Do pencil skirt
Pencil skirts is what’s on vogue and its still going to remain like that for a longer time. Pencil skirt makes you look classy, sharp and most importantly it brings out your curves. That’s not all, it goes with literally anything, be it shirt, off shoulder, sleeveless even peplum tops. When going to your work place you might consider wearing pencil skirt more often.

Don’t wear crocs
Even though crocs are comfortable, they are used for playing around the house, and at the beach. They are not good to go on a date, hang out with friends or definitely not good to wear to work.

Do Accessories.
Get creative don’t just wear your normal earring or necklace. Wear your berets, bow tie, fascinators, broach, even your fancy bag. Create your own style and make a difference.

Don’t combine more than 3 different colors in your outfit.
Its good to combine colors while dressing up but one must be careful too while combining color. It’s wrong to match more than 3 different colors on one outfit, especially bright colors.

Do Denim Jackets.
Your denim jackets go well with your pair of jeans, skirt or even shorts. Probably you are going for a date, work or even out with your friend and you need something to wear to match your jean, your polo or even that sexy mini skirt. Your denim jackets its going to do the trick for you.

Don’t wear Hair bonnet outdoor
Although hair bonnet is super trending and most celebrities wear it mostly for their tik tok videos and various social media handle. Its wrong to wear hair bonnet outside probably to go the markets, schools, or even on a date. Its totally not appalling and as far as am concerned its completely childish. Hair bonnet should be worn inside the house but not outside.

Do Nose mask.
Masks are something that keeps you safe especially during the pandemic. You can get creative and style your masks. Even wearing clothes that matches the masks isn’t a bad idea.
Make it mandatory to look good at all times by changing your styles and be creative too, hell yea! You can do it common, Have a fantabulous fashion wear always and see you at our next edition.

Written By Jane Tori

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