Gunmen kills Businessman and family, day after moving into a new home

On Sunday, August 7, gunmen stormed the home of a businessman named Adeyemo in the Ikorodu district of Lagos State, killing him, his pregnant wife, son, and a friend who had come to see the family.
The attack occurred the night after he had moved into his freshly constructed home.

Neighbors who heard gunshots from the businessman’s home subsequently went to check on him after the intruders had fled, only to find the family and their visitor deceased and in a pool of their own blood.
Residents in the Ori-Okuta region of Ikorodu were shaken by an occurrence that occurred there.
According to a source, the dead was a gentleman, and the friend who was killed beside him was the one who fixed the windows and doors of the new apartment before the deceased and his family moved in.

“His neighbors heard gunshots and raced to his house, only to find him, his family, and a friend in a pool of their own blood,” he explained.
“They then went to the Owutu police station and reported the event.
CSP Adekunle Ajisebutu, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), claimed he was at a meeting when notified about the incident.

by Jane Torimiro

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