What we all grew up to know was how unconditional a mother’s love is to her children. A mother’s love is a form of love with no strings attached; a mother loves her children for who they are no matter what. That’s how unconditional a mother loves her children.

A mother who is supposed to be a protector, a role model and a friend, a mother is a selfless being, she works to make sure all her child’s needs are met; I thought we knew mothers to be the best gift a child would have in human form.  What can we say to this case where a mother absconded with the money meant for her child’s surgery?

This was revealed by a philanthropist Nuhu Fulani Kwajafa on his Facebook page. Nuhu Fulani is the founder, Global Initiative for Peace, Love and Care (GIPLC) and he is said to use the NGO to assist vulnerable women and children in Nigeria and Africa.

He wrote this on his Facebook page

“Last month we had a case of a three-year-old girl with brain tumor who needed 3million naira for surgery. A donor insisted on paying the money to the account of the mother stating that he’s not comfortable with NGOs. We initially wanted him to pay directly to the hospital. Eventually, the donor credited the mothers account and the mother absconded with the 3million naira. Sadly, the child died this morning. Rest in peace Ada’’

What a pathetic one, we now live in a world where humanity has no meaning, a world where only few people cares about the feeling of the other. A world where a mother no longer care about her child. We should know that humanity should always come first no matter the race, religion or family. This shouldn’t have happened even if the claimed mother is a total stranger to the child.

Rest in peace Ada!

By Misturah Aregbesola

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