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Have you ever being locked up in a moment that you start thinking about yourself in the past, present and future, you think about your life, how successful you think you will be but things are not working out as planned or as you think it ought to be.

Let me tell you this, we are different from each other and our time is different from each other. What will work for Jack might not work Rose.

You see people doing a business  and getting successful from that same business; you think it will be your way then you decided to opt in to the business and after many years, there is no improvement or record of success,  I’m not saying you should not try or start something you see people doing, in fact it’s a good thing to multi-task and take risk, you never know which one will work for you but never have this mindset that when your friend is successful in a business then  you will be successful in it, just give it a try and give it all your best, during this period or journey in that business, you are going to learn a lot of things which will definitely be of help later in the future.

There are talents buried inside every individual and sometimes we need help in discovering those talents, that was why I said you should multi-task and try lot of things. It’s when you get started that you know if you really want to invest your time, energy or finance into something.

Some even discover their talent in early stage like talking, singing, shouting, running, fighting etc… yes you are surprise I added shouting and fighting, I can even add more  but let’s stop there. All these things I mentioned are things you can develop yourself in and become successful in it, let’s look at this together.

A boy or a girl who loves shouting, like shouting a lot and will love to do more can develop the shouting skill. Later on he or she can make money through hyping brands on commercial or hyping high profile individuals in public, as you progress you may become Ambassadors of big companies.

Also a boy or girl who loves fighting, when I mean fighting, I mean a lot of fighting, LOL. The person can’t stop getting into trouble. It means there is a passion driving him or her

As a parent, what you need to do for such kid is to reverse this behavior in a positive way that can benefit him or her, that can benefit you, and the society at large. You can sign up for a course online or take a class on any combat sports of his or her choice like Boxing, Wrestling, Fencing, MMA(Modern-era Mixed Martial Art), Judo, Tae Kwon Do and many more; Such kid would really appreciate you forever.

A girl that talks a lot should know there is tendency of her becoming a presenter, a speaker, a commentator or anything that deals with talking and she will definitely make money with it, all she needs is to train herself more and get the right medium to channel her skill. If there is no medium, that means the opportunity is not coming,  in  case like this, you CREATE THE OPPORTUNITY. Awesome right?  Let’s take this as an example

A lady who loves talking and want to start a career in mass communication but she is not getting the right opportunity, I have good news for you. Welcome to The Age of the Internet where everything is digitalized, the lady can setup her own media company online and present, speak online to millions of people and still get paid even from individuals and organizations. In this situation, she is her own boss and she can do whatever she wants. Now what’s the key point here?  FREEDOM

All you have to do is discover your talent, invest in your talent, invest in things you love doing. There are a lot of things that we do that we don’t know we can get paid for doing. No one will pay you for sleeping so wake up now and get started.

By Fikayo Ajayi

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