I have Been Deprived of Love; 57-Year-Old Nigerian Female Pastor Says as She Finally Weds Lover

A 57-year-old female Nigerian pastor has remarried 15 years after her first husband kicked the bucket. According to the lady named Victoria Elonor Opionor, she never really experienced love in her first marriage because she was married off at 14 years and 5 months.

Why she remarried in an interview with BBC News Pidgin, Pastor Victoria stated that it wasn’t out of loneliness that she decided to remarry but in submission to God’s will. Victoria said she spoke with her children about it before going on with the marriage. Scenes from her wedding ceremony were also featured in the heartwarming interview. An elated Pastor Victoria said that the love she was deprived of when little is now being enjoyed.

Nigerians share their thoughts on the pastor’s union;
Angela umeh said: “Congratulations Ma’am, to live without a spouse is very difficult and I know what you felt, I lost mine at the age of 28, pregnant with my fifth child. We have lived without him for 17 years now. It hasn’t been easy raising 5 kids but in God we trust.”

By Uju Chukwuemeka

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