This is a question we have likely asked ourselves at one point in our life, is time travel possible? We all have fantasized about travelling into the future or past, but then, we conclude it is almost impossible, because of its seemingly complexities, right? Well, as strange and confusing as time travel seems, it might actually be possible to travel in time.

A funny fact is, that we are actually travelling through time, right now. Confused? Well, We are all time travelers, the catch is that we are traveling through time at one second per second, one hour per hour, one day per day, so, time not to be misunderstood, defines everything. Well, to explain time travel we must understand how time works and its importance in time traveling.

Growing up I gave so much thought to the topic and I imagined myself travelling through time, all thanks to super heroic movies. The older I grew the more I gave up on my time travelling quest. Until I learnt more about time travel, time travel as you know is very complicated, scientists are still trying to figure it all out, what we know is that time travel is not as you see in movies, but time travel into the past or future could be possible.

Traveling to the future seems quite easy (actually, it is not). Time according to albert Einstein is an illusion.  It is relative, time at a particular place could be different from other another place, for instance, in an experiment to test Einstein’s relativity theory in 1987, four clocks were put in a plane and were flown around the world, when the plane landed, the time on the clocks were different from the time on other clocks on the ground, the clocks on the planes was behind, so what does that mean for time travel, it confirms that traveling to the future is possible, all you have to do is to travel fast enough, then you travel to the future, if we can get create a machine that can travel to the space at the speed of light, the speed of light is probably impossible, thinking about time travel is complicated enough, if we can create a very fast space machine, we can travel inside it into the space and time would be different while inside, it would be slower than time on earth, depending on the speed of the machine, the faster the machine travels the slower time counts, which means the people in the machine during the trip have travelled into the future, they could come back to earth after a year and the time on earth would have gone over five years or ten years, it depends on the speed of the spaceship and the time spent in space. another way to travel to the future is through blackholes, not by jumping into it, you’d probably die if you try that, the trick is by traveling around a black hole and not getting swallowed because time is different around blackholes because of its gravity and force. Well, time traveling to the future through blackholes might seem unreasonable because it is nearly impossible to travel to a black hole because of its distance and it would be very difficult to stay around blackhole without being swallowed. What about traveling to the past, well……this might be difficult, while some scientists totally rule out this possibility, some others theorize that it might be possible, so let’s just block out the noise and focus on the possibility of traveling back in time. The most popular theory is by traveling through wormhole, a wormhole is a sort of teleportation portal that is capable of bending time and space.

But the problem is that we are not really sure if wormholes actually exist, and even if they do exist, we don’t know how to use them yet. Another popular idea is that there are portals within earth that can be used for time travel. Anyways, we must understand that traveling to the past is very dangerous to the course of time, here is a paradox in time travel theories called the “Grandfather paradox” if you travel to the past to kill your grandfather before your father was born at all, that means you wouldn’t exist right? But if you didn’t exist, then who killed your grandfather? so time travel is very complicated but there could be a solution to these paradoxical situations: alternate universes and realities. The idea is that time travel bends time into alternate universe, if a time traveler travels back in time, he might have travelled to a alternate universe, and any action he takes there will affect the course of time in the alternate universe, for instance if he kills his dad, that means his alternate self will not exist, but travelling to the past of this very universe might totally alter the course of time, if, for instance you travel to the past and kill Adolf hitler when he was young and second world war didn’t happen, or you averted JFK’s death, you would have changed the course of time significantly, the second world war might still happen and cause more causalities, we don’t know exactly what will happen if the order of events was a little bit different, and this is the reason why some people are opposed to time travel

However, some people have claimed to have traveled to the past and some others have claimed to have traveled to the future, all of those time-travel stories are mere rumours and we cannot base any theories or hypothesis on such, late physicist Stephen hawking held several parties for time travelers but no one ever came, he always sent out the invite after the party, because if they are actually time-travelers, they would have known about the party if they came from the future. All we know right now is that time-travel is nearly impossible. Whether time-traveling will be done through portals or wormholes or by traveling in space at incredibly fast speed or by creating a time machine, we don’t know for know and we may never know, but we are giving room for the possibility of time travel

So, in conclusion, for all of us (including me) who has always loved this topic, Time-Travel could be possible, but don’t get too excited because we don’t know how or when time-travel is going to be figured out

Stay safe

By David Opeyemi

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