Iyabo Ojo and Nkechi Blessing react to TAMPAN suspension

Iyabo Ojo and Nkechi Blessing, both Nollywood actors, have reacted to the Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria’s rule prohibiting its members from working with them.
Nkechi Blessing is facing this punishment as a result of a social media feud she had with actor Adams Kehinde nicknamed Lege Miami over a sexual assault accusation leveled against actor Olanrewaju James as Baba Ijesha.

TAMPAN Chairman Bolaji Amusan, often known as Mr. Latin, stated this at a news conference on Saturday.
Adebayo Salami, Jide Kosoko, and Lanre Hassan are among those who attended the meeting.
“Nkechi Blessing is not a member of TAMPAN, and Iyabo Ojo is not a member of TAMPAN,” according to Amusan, “but they are practitioners who have profited enormously from TAMPAN and the Yoruba cinema business as a whole.”

He claims that movie producers have been advised not to work with Nkechi Blessing until the Association has completed its investigation.
Nkechi Blessing cannot be suspended because she is not a member of TAMPAN, according to Kosoko, who also spoke at the conference.
“Even if the law says you can practice whatever you want,” he continued, “we can frustrate you out of the industry if we want to.”

“We can get you out of the industry in our own way,” he added. In the industry, we will work against her.”
Concerning Iyabo Ojo, the Association stated that it has observed the actress making disparaging remarks about its members. This is in relation to the sexual assault accusation leveled against Baba Ijesha.
The Association declared that such actions will not go unpunished, and that its members have been instructed not to cooperate with her.
Iyabo Ojo reacted by posting on Instagram, saying, “I can never be silenced, know that and know God.”
“Silence is golden,” she added. It’s why a lot of boy and girl children are molested or raped on a daily basis, but they’re reluctant to speak up for fear of being pressured into silence by the very society that is supposed to protect them. In Nigeria, being silent isn’t golden.”
“Nobody can even gather my voice,” remarked Nkechi Blessing in a comment on Iyabo Ojo’s article.

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