Lagos Traffic is No Respecter of Anyone: Former Governor Takes Okada to Avoid Missing Flight

Former governor of Ekiti state, Ayo Fayose, had to resolve to take a commercial motorcycle, popularly known as Okada, to beat the vehicular traffic in Lagos to avoid missing his flight.
The former governor and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) shared the pictures of himself and his orderly on Facebook, saying:“Lagos traffic is no respecter of anyone. I had to take Okada in Ikeja to avoid missing my flight.”

The photos posted on Facebook on Tuesday night, October 19, have attracted hundreds of reactions.
Afolabi Oluwatobi said:
“That is why Okada shouldn’t be totally banned in Lagos. It has saved many people their jobs, interview appointments and all. They should be regulated instead.
“To me, there is really no reasonable explanation to justify the ban of smart ride like Opay rides. Through apps, you can book a ride and no matter how remote your location, the bike will come and pick you up to your destination with full kit and head protector. There’s no smarter way to move around in Lagos than this and the government should look into it.”

Abdulkareem Adisa Sulyman said:
“I pity the poor Police man. You risk your life just for a show of shame.”How I wish I’m one of LASTMA personnel, we’ll arrest you, the Okada man and report the Police man to the appropriate authority.”

Yusuf Adebanjo said:
“Correct man, pragmatism at its best. The Lagos traffic no send anybody ooo. I was once a victim myself, with all my official corporate wear and expensive perfume I had to humble myself, bury my pride and hop on a bike to the airport when it became evident I was going to miss my flight with the vehicle remaining stuck in traffic. For Lagos, you need to borrow yourself sense whenever you stuck in traffic.

By Ujunwa Chukwuemeka

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