Pastor Dare Adeboye’s Death: What Nigerians Are Saying

We all approached the month of May with the usual expectation of ending it in a better way than the previous month and most importantly to see each day with everyone around us but it was a different story for the whole RCCG members all over Nigeria and abroad as one of the key leaders, Dare Adeboye who was a son of the General Overseer, a prominent life coach who has served in different capacities in the church was found dead in his room.

His wife, Temmy Adeboye said when she noticed her husband was not yet out of the room which was unusual, afterwards she went to his room and she found him on the bed; dead. This happened in his house at Eket, Akwa Ibom State on Wednesday morning. The news spread so fast and it was all over the internet, the family and RCCG hadn’t confirm the news when his brother, Leke made a post on social media that read

‘The righteous man perishes [at the hand of evil], and no one takes it to heart; faithful and devout men are taken away while no one understands that the righteous person is taken away [to be spared] from disaster and evil”

The RCCG later confirmed the death of Pastor Dare Adeboye via their official twitter handle which read

“It is with a deep and heartfelt sense of loss, we announce the departure of our beloved son, brother, husband, and father, Oluwadamilare Temitayo Adeboye. Who went to be with the Lord on the 4th of May, 2021.

Pastor dare Adeboye was popularly known as pastor Dee, he devoted his lifetime for church services and building leaders. He was one of the most influential youth pastors in RCCG worldwide, he had held previous posts in the RCCG with evangelical missions in different states in Nigeria like Kaduna, Abuja, Niger, Benue, Kwara, Kogi, Nasarawa, Plateau and in England.

The cause of his death is yet unknown, could it had been compilation of stress or covid-19 related but the family emphatically said it was not covid-19 related. What is known is that his wife said she discovered his body on bed and raised an alarm. It was said in a report that he was rushed to church and some men of God prayed for his resurrection but he couldn’t be brought back. He died at the age of 42 and he left behind, a wife and 3 children.

Since the death of Dare Adeboye, the news has been trending all over the internet, people are now talking about him, people who were not aware of him beforehand got to know who he was and what he has done, it was obvious that the nation felt pity for him and the whole Adeboye family.

The news of the death of Pastor Dee has refused to disappear from the public view, read what people are saying about Dare Adeboye’s death and how it’s affecting their modus operandi

Read the view of some Nigerians

Emmanuel family from Lagos State

“It doesn’t affect anything, I didn’t know him but his death made the whole Nigeria to know him including me. I feel his death is a painful one, no parent would pray for their children to die before them.

It affected Baba, I know that and I feel sorry for him, as the head of RCCG worldwide, it won’t be easy. It didn’t affect our service everything is going well. If any member changes because of his death, that means he or she is worshiping Man, not God.” (HUSBAND)

“I believe God made it happened. The first thing that came to my mind when I heard about his death was that God intentionally took him away, maybe he has seen he’s going to backslide in the future.

His death is God’s will and it doesn’t affect our service, everything is going on as it used to be” (WIFE)

David from Ondo state on this

“Everyone is sad for his family, people die every day, so the only difference is that he is popular but nevertheless, it is a great loss to the family and RCCG worldwide. Death is an inescapable event, anyways, we must all die regardless.”

Seyi from Ekiti also gave us her view

“M y view is that it’s a natural death, it doesn’t affect the mode of operation. Just it just made us understand better than God is the owner of everything and he can do and undo. anything can happen anyone at anytime”

Ope’s View in Lagos state

There are teachings on ground, there is another life after this earth. It depends on how far you carry out God’s work.

The father must have felt it but he was sure of where his son was going so it didn’t really bother him, it didn’t affect our service and we were encouraged to give thanks because it is clearly stated in the bible that in any situation, give thanks.

The fact that he died, we can’t just question God and anybody can go anytime and we can’t hold God to ransom so we give thanks like nothing happened but in the real sense, something happened. His death did not shake anything.

In type of world that we are in, if you are not doing something extra, you won’t be very popular and the way Nigeria religion vibe is, there are so many people that had encounter with him but many didn’t give him the credits or concentrate on him, some will be like it’s his father we know so why should we focus on him. Something like this has not happened to this man before, that’s why the issue trend and if it happened to any popular pastor, same thing will happen.

Th fact that he slept and didn’t wake is good because it can happen to any of us, and that’s the prayer of everyone even I pray for that because I don’t want to die by fire. Pastor Dare must have sensed the death but might not be that sure or might not know he is the one.

There is something the father always pray for and that’s long life but his son is gone and I believe that was his time and like I said we can’t hold God to Ransome.

Enoch in Ekiti state

It’s so heartbreaking actually, it’s so sudden and no one expected for it to be like this but as Baba as said, God has a reason for taking him, everybody has been trying to console Daddy G.O

It has not really affected any operation in church, service is going like it used to be but we just include in our prayers that God should console his father. The G.O said God knows why he took him but it just that everyone is just moody.

The General Overseer of Redeem Christian Church of God worldwide, Enoch Adeboye finally broke silence after the demise of his 3rd child as he preached on Friday night, 7th of May, 2021 during the church’s Holy Ghost service. He said

“Whatever we have is given to us by God, be it wealth, wife, husband, children etc. and if it’s taken away by God, all we can do is give God glory for actually giving us the privilege to enjoy that wealth or kids temporarily, and it is not for us to complain, blame and question God.

What we see as sorrows might be joy in the sight of God, I mean His ways and thoughts are not the same with ours; we shouldn’t forget that both good and bad happen at God’s command. (Lamentations 3:38).

Finally, in all things, let’s learn to say thank you, father, and It is well. God bless all of you in Jesus’ name,” Adeboye said.

Speaking further, he stated that peace is one of the blessings only God can give

“There is a peace that passes human understanding. It is only God that can give that peace. I thank God that I have that peace.”


The widow of Pastor Dare who raised the first alarm finally spoke about his husband during the Tribute night at the Redemption Camp on Monday, May 10. She said

“Pastor Dare, my husband was a wonderful person. He was amazing in every sense of the way. I do not mourn him at all; I weep because he left me. He slept; he did not die. And I know, I am sure, because on the resurrection morning, he will rise again and we will see him in glory.

“I am sure because he was saved. I am sure because he believed in Christ, his salvation was sure, it was certain.

“He said if I die today, I know I am fulfilled, I have done what the Lord has asked me to do, he was not afraid of death. He was not afraid. It is not a matter of time but how well and he lived a good life, he lived to the glory of God. He lived, he served God. His life was dedicated to Christ and that is why I am sure that he is in heaven.

“I am sure that he made it. And I want to say brethren today, if you are not sure of your salvation. If you are not sure that if you sleep tonight, you might not wake up tomorrow, you are not sure of where you will be in eternity. If you have not yet given your life to Christ, if you are here today to see because you heard. Yes, it is true; he is sleeping in the Lord but are you sure of yourself, are you sure of where you will be? Are you sure of where you will be?” she said.

Well I know people die everyday, Infact every second of the day, and nobody is above dieing, but this one came as a grave shock to us all, may his soul rest in peace.

 Written By Fikayo Ajayi 

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