Plastic surgery, liposuction, skin grafting, rhinoplasty, suction lipectomy, nose job, lip filling whatever name you call it has been trending lately. There has been an increase in the demand for these cosmetic procedures. The increasing visibility of cosmetic surgery is having a dramatic impact on the society. Many people who carry out these cosmetics procedures are vastly misinformed about its benefit, risks and controversies.

This increase is mostly influenced as a result of various celebrities’ interest in it. It’s no news that celebrities carry out this painful cosmetic procedure frequently. The influence of social media has prompted diehard fans to venture into this procedure with the aim of having the same body size, shape, lips, or even face of their favorite celebrity. Cosmetics surgeons are worried about the increase in demand of this cosmetic procedure for the younger ones. According to them the rising demand for injectable facial fillers and Botox among ever-younger patients has been directly attributed to the new waves of celebrities on social media. The survey of the American Academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery shows that over 40 percent of surgeons in the survey reported that some patients said looking better in a selfie was their reason for getting surgery. I am really flabbergasted by this, should that be a good reason for an individual to venture into such painful cosmetics procedure. The disadvantage of this procedure is that some people get addicted to it and this may have adverse effects on their state of mind whereby they continuously find faults with the way they look. In a recent study Sarwer an associate professor of psychology at the Center for Human appearance at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found out a year after receiving cosmetics surgery, 87 percent of patients were satisfied with their surgery, including improvement in their overall body image. The study was supported by a grant from the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. While other patient was dissatisfied with the cosmetic procedure. The National Cancer institute found in 2001 that women with breast implants were four times more likely to commit suicide than other plastics surgery patients of the same age as women who underwent breasts implants. This research prompted the Food and Drug Administration to deny the approval of silicone gel implants.

I insist that all surgical procedures carry risks and the worst part is that people are misinformed about the complication they might develop after carrying out this surgical procedure. According to the medical journal of the American Society of plastics surgeon’s reports shows that plastic surgery training has negative effects on fertility, complications during pregnancy, and breast-feeding practices. In Nigeria a controversial Lagos Plastic surgeon Anuoluwapo Adepoju was suspended over botched surgery. Anuoluwa services allegedly resulted in the death of her patient, Nneka Onwuzuligbo., a 2013 winner of Face of Democracy Transformation in Nigeria. She is currently being investigated over suspicion of illegal activities and alleged evasion from an investigation into the failed plastic surgery. Health line listed 10 common plastic Surgery complication, the risks include hematoma, Seroma, Blood loss, General infection, Nerve damage, Deep vein thrombosis and Pulmonary embolism, Organ damage, Scarring, General appearance dissatisfaction, and complications of anesthesia. General Anesthesia can sometimes lead to lung infections, stroke, heart attacks and death. It is not illegal to carry out this cosmetic procedure but it is mandated that you should be well informed about the risks before venturing into such. Procedures to change our appearance are becoming increasingly common prompting individuals to carry out this surgical procedure. Not all surgeries are successful, the result of its success rate are subjective.

In conclusion, although plastic surgery complications are rare it is still dangerous. According to a 2018 review of over 25,000 cases. Complications occur in fewer than 1 percent of outpatient surgeries. As most surgeries plastic surgery cases complications are more common in certain people while others rarely have complication. Stella Obasanjo former first lady of Nigeria died as a result of complication of surgical cosmetics procedure. There are several other cases like hers. Its very important that one should be well informed about the risks before venturing into it. Vetting your doctor and credentials would help to reduce your risk of unwanted side effects. it’s very important that you scrutinize the facility where your surgery is going to take place as to be safe. Its very important that you prioritize on your safety.

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