Pogba Downplays Rudiger Incident In Euro2020

Paul Pogba, a midfielder for France, has downplayed Antonio Rudiger’s alleged attempt to bite him on the back during their Euro 2020 victory against Germany.

In France’s 1-0 win against Germany in Munich on Tuesday, television replays showed Chelsea defender Rudiger putting his mouth on Pogba’s shoulder just before halftime.

Pogba yelled out and complained to Spanish referee Carlos del Cerro Grande immediately after the event, but the German was not punished, and the Manchester United star played it down after the game. “I guess he bit me a little, but we’ve known one other a long time. Toni and I have been friends for quite some time now. It wasn’t anything major. After the game, we hugged and said our goodbyes,” Pogba added.

Pogba, who was named man of the match in Munich, said Rudiger’s acquittal was “better.”“I don’t want him to be suspended because of that,” the Frenchman, who was instrumental in Mats Hummel’s’ game-winning own goal, added.

Pogba stated he informed the referee of the event but was relieved there was no “yellow or red card for such an act.”

Written By Olutayo Olusanya

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