Protest at senate as PDP leaders question the nomination of Onochi as INEC commissioner

The Peoples Democratic Party leadership besieged the Senate on Wednesday to oppose the nomination of Lauretta Onochie, the Special Assistant to the President on social media, as a National Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission, representing Delta State.

The party leaders also promised that any senators who defected from their party would be forced to resign from the Senate.
The party took advantage of the opportunity to write a letter of protest against Onochie’s candidacy for the top job at INEC.
Senator Kabiru Gaya, Chairman of the Senate Committee on INEC, received the letter.
Senator Umaru Ibrahim Tsauri, the PDP’s National Secretary, signed the letter headlined “Rejection of the nomination of Lauretta Onochie as INEC Commissioner.”

“The National Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party has learned of Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s nomination of Mrs. Lauretta Onochie as a Commissioner in INEC,” the letter stated.
“The nomination, which was read on the Senate floor and forwarded to your committee for review, has raised a lot of doubts in the court of public opinion and judgment.
“Our Party believes it is critical to draw to the attention of your committee the fact that it is our responsibility to inform you that the National Assembly must strive to conduct things correctly and in compliance with the country’s laws.

“People like Mrs. Onochie, who is quite partisan, in fact, a card-carrying member of a political party, cannot be appointed to INEC as an electoral umpire under the Nigeria Constitution 1999 as amended. The Constitution’s section 156(I)(a) and third schedule, Part 1, Item F, paragraph 14(1) have declared her ineligible.
“As a result, we are writing to request that the Chairman protect the Senate President, the Senate, and Mr. President from humiliation.

“We urge your committee to reject Mrs. Onochie’s nomination since she is factually known to be an unrepentant card-carrying member of the APC, as evidenced by an uncountable number of proofs.
“Her confirmation will be a blatant violation of democratic principles, smearing the President’s and Senate’s reputations in the political muck.
“Please, don’t make an avoidable legislative and political mistake for the country.
“Kindly, accept the assurances of our highest consideration and esteem regard.”

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