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Sometimes we don’t feel the water

We omit many little things everyday, most of these things are so “small” that we might never realize while doing them or when we are not, these “small” things actually matter a lot more than we presume.

I woke up one morning and rushed to work and got back home and made a few calls and slept and woke up and rushed to work and got back home, made a few calls and slept and woke up again and the circle starts again. There are some things that although I don’t normally remember doing every day, like, locking my door every morning when I leave home or taking a morning shower or packing my bags to work, and even though I do these things, I sometimes feel like I didn’t do them, like my body did it on my behalf, and most mornings I don’t feel the water after taking my bath.

This is one of the dangers of working a 9 – 5 job (or in my case 8 – 5), your body get used to a pattern; wake, work, sleep. And many people may think “what’s so bad when your brain and body get used to a routine so much that you do things reflexively”, well, it might not seem bad but there are some disadvantages.   

When your mind is conditioned in a particular way, you become predictable

One day, I went out to buy snacks with a friend, and he left my side to get some things momentarily, while waiting for him, a woman came to ask me if I had smaller denominations to the one she had, I said no, very sharply and she left, I didn’t even process what she said and actually I had the denomination she wanted, I might not have given her had I thought about it anyways, but I didn’t even think about it, because in Lagos, anytime someone walks up to me on the street to ask for something or to start a conversation, the only two responses I give is to either snub them completely or respond with a sharp “no”(only people who live in Lagos can understand why I do that) so some minutes after the encounter I remembered that I didn’t even think about it before saying no, my brain hadn’t even gotten to understand what the fellow was saying but I knew the answer was no! when you get to that point that everything you do or don’t is programmed in your brain like a robot you become predictable

Although most of my friends are not “programmed people”, I can still predict what they will say or do in most situations and predictability is not really a good trait (note that predictability is different from reliability), unpredictability is a trait that I have noticed a lot of successful or happy people. I don’t want to be able to predict how I will feel on Friday or what color of shoe I will wear on Monday

I always tell people to plan well, ill-planned projects mostly have serious problems and many of them fail, so plan ahead but also give space for spontaneity.

When your mind is conditioned in a particular way, you lose touch of reality

Losing touch of reality is something that happens to all of us sometimes, but we don’t always realize it. Reality is always different for everyone, what I see or what you see is so personal that we don’t really know what is real for someone else. Although reality is personal, we try to see reality in a way that relates with most people, the ability to see reality from everyone’s view becomes almost impossible when your life is “programmed”, in fact the thoughts you have are within the walls of your everyday life, after years of living in a particular “programmed” way, if you meet an old friend with a totally different “programmed” lifestyle, you will feel strange with the friend, your judgement becomes totally influenced by “programmed lifestyle”, so much that you lose touch of the reality that everyone accepts.

When I read some writers I notice that they lay so much emphasis on writing anytime they talk about skills as though writing is the paramount skill, equally anytime I converse with singers or actors or scientists, they mostly interact from their vocational point of view.

In school, I remembered my colleagues theorizing that Mass Communication is the most important or effective job in the world, because without information nobody would be aware of any event, although I am a journalist, I thought that their theories were nonsensical and unfair because, Doctors saves lives, that’s their primary job and that’s superb, but when I gave it a second thought, I understood them and although the argument is still nonsensical to me, Mass communication is very important, and lawyers will always argue for their vocation, according to them, law is everything, and because lawyers argue for a living they have tendencies to win, so although their argument is more nonsensical than Mass communications, they win sometimes; the point of this stories is that everybody sees so much importance in their job because that’s all they see.

A teacher who wakes up and goes to school every day will think or “know” that teaching is the most noble job possible, and I don’t really think that any job is more important than the other, but because our lives are “programmed”, we can only see interact with our society through our own reality.

There’s a fictional story of a set of people wearing different colours of lenses, they start to see colours differently and they would go on to argue for hours before concluding that they all are right.

When your mind is conditioned in a particular way, it becomes very difficult to dream

Many people relocate to California every year with the intention to be a scriptwriter and when they first get to California they keep their dreams alive by attending some writing classes and start writing their first script with the vision of selling it to big film company, but in eventuality, few of them ever finish writing their script, and the majority of the few that finish the script lose the zeal to promote it or to find a buyer, and there goes the dream.

That story is an example of what happens to most of us, we always have dreams and goals that we have set for ourselves at a point of our lives but soon after we get a job or a start a business, we start to program our lives to suit the new job and we forget our former dreams, they become like books that have forgotten on the shelves or like a cloth that got us excited after buying it but then we forget that we have the cloth at all.

Leading “programmed” lives does more than make our dreams a blur, it also robs us of the ability to acquire new dreams, your new dreams become limited within the scope of your “program”, your mind that ought to dream freely like butterfly perching on new flowers becomes myopic, like a prisoner ordered study the insides of the prison.


Whenever you get tired of your job or your life or nothing thrill you because you are too familiar with your world, here are some solutions against feeling bland and unexcited

  1. Learn a new skill:

Learning a new skill might seem a bit difficult since you might busy with work, but learning a new skill changes the way you think, it gives you new ideas and new experiences

  • Make some calls:

Ireally love to do this sometimes, scroll through your phonebook and call some old friends, friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while, give them a call, gist with them and then you learn new things about them and it gives a different experience from your normal day.

  • Change your music and movies:

We have our preferred singers and movies after listening a particular genre or album for a while, try to get new music, variety is the spice of life, don’t just listen to popular songs, go to YouTube, Spotify or any other platform you get your music, search for new artists, or artists from other country, such that you can have a totally different playlist when going to work the next day.

  • Do something spontaneous:

Just loosen up a bit and do something wild sometimes, you can go against your schedule for a day,take a vacation, go on a trip, visit a friend or a family member, do something you didn’t plan for.

  • Discomfort yourself:

One of the reasons why our lives becomes unexciting at some point is because we are so used to particular lifestyle is because we have become familiar and comfortable with our everyday lifestyle. So, do something that takes you put of your comfort zone sometimes, you could leave your car for some days and take a bus, or give your phone a break for some days, that activity of discomfort makes you appreciate your life and realize the fun in it

The little things matter, and we have to cherish every little moment or opportunity we have in live, the main reason why we neglect our dreams just to fit in the stereotypical life, is not the 9-5 work system, rather it is how we condition our brain, how much zeal we have to follow our dreams or how much we yearn to “feel the water”, you must consciously try to notice the little thing in our busy schedules, this problem is however not peculiar with only people with strict jobs, some people who work from home or don’t have jobs at all live even more uneventful lives.

Live out, dream, fight for your dream, feel the water, show your loved ones that you care, dance; dance when you like, how you like, sing out loud, cry out loud, don’t be shy of yourself, you don’t have time for that, life is too short

Like I always do, I hope you do live a truly splendid life. Stay safe and sensible

By David Adeleye

You can reach me at gmail: or through whatsapp - +234 913 321 7745

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