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This stockfish known as ‘Okproko’ normally called by the Igbos’was an imported product.

The Igbo’s never had it before the civil war. This fish originates from Norway over 1000 years ago. However, even if it’s originated from Norway, it is a special food in Africa, especially Nigeria. The English name, stockfish comes from the fact that thefish looks like a stick when dry. Apart from oil, gas and income from the merchant fleet, stockfish is Norway’s longest sustained export commodity, and socio economically most profitable export over the centuries.

 The Italian dialects call it stoccafisso or seldom called baccala which Veneto refer to as saltcod. It is an imported delicacy that is common in the diets of west Africans, Italians and Caribbean people.

Drying flakes with stockfish cod fish heads in winter. Reine fishing village, Lofoten islands, Norway

The word stockfish is a borrowed word from Dutch stokvis “Stickfish. This baccalaalavicentina known as Italaian ancient and native dish was made from stockfish. This stockfish entered into Africa through Triangular Trade manufactured goods from Europe, that is, the slaves from West Africa. The West Africa used it in many soups that complement the grain staples fufu and garri because it’s rich in proteins, vitamins, iron and calcium.

Stockfish is a concentrated fish protein, it’s usually preserved in the most ecological manner, using sun and air drying. As a matter of fact you can store stockfish for years without refrigeration. It is a long Atlantic cod which has different colors; reddish brown and grey green, these colors changes as they get deep down in the waters.This fish is prepared immediately after capture. After cutting the fish, is either you dried who or you divided along the spine leaving the trail connected. But because the Norway has a perfect weather condition for producing stockfish, they dried fish by hanging on a stick or during sunny weather, to prevent bacterial growth, they hanged their stockfish in a stable cool weather also to protect it from insects.

Do You Know


  • Dolphins, porpoises and toothed whales are active hunting carnivores.
  • Cheetahs are the world’s fastest land animals and can run as fast as a car.
  • There are more than 9000 different species of bird.
  • Rocks that are weathered or eroded, break into tiny pieces called sediment.
  • Coniferous, temperate and tropical forests are the three main kinds of forest.
  • The popular slogan, FM, is an abbreviation for Frequency Modulation.
  • Dogs can learn up to a thousand words.
  • A snail has more than 25000 teeth.
  • There are so many species of apple that it would take 21 years to taste every one of them.
  • Scorpion, Spider has eight legs.
By Oluwatosin Salami

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