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Success Might Not Be What You Think It Is

I woke up one morning, laid on my bed thinking about the world and the people in it. There are a lot of successful people who are widely celebrated, the people celebrating them see them as successful personalities but back in their closet or abode of those celebrities, they are actually not happy, some are broken and sad but the general public are not aware of this fact.

William Shakespeare once said “I have seen a lot of unhappy kings but happy shoemakers”

This brings us to the question “Who are the successful beings?

A lot of people get carried away or get obsessed with motivational talks, you know those motivational experts who say skip sleep and hustle, don’t go out with friends, keep working and grinding till you make, don’t give up blahblahblah… they are the real problem for you not getting successful if you don’t know how to assimilate and make the motivations work personally for you. I am not saying motivational speeches are not good, I love motivation talks a lot, I’m a big fan of that industry and I can even mention my favourites like Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Eric Thomas, Grant Cardone, Oprah Winfrey and so many others

Motivations are good. They help to keep you on the track and help you stay inspired but be careful not to get lost and locked inside your ambition. You need to understand the definition of Success.

You grind hard every day and later become who you want to but lose your health or friends or family or lose yourself in the process, Is that Success?

Do you believe life is not balanced, you have to sacrifice something to get another thing, people sacrifice a lot of things to achieve their dreams, the real Success is when you are able to balance everything. The Real successful person is that person who is able to make his life, friends, family, and integrity balance.

Are you that sad successful man or woman or you’re just getting started or you’re that person who is always grinding and hustling day and night? Well, I have solutions for you.

  1. Time Management- You have to be skilled in this area, there are a lot of books online on time management you can buy them and you can also take a course on time management.

I decided to put this as number 1 because Time is money (Note That)

Always remember “Trade Money for time, not time for money”. You’re going to run out of time first” so you should try be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing with the right people.

 (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

When it’s time to wake up, Wake UP

When it’s time to work, Work

When it’s time to relax, Relax

When it’s time to go out, Go Out

When it’s time to hang out with friends, Go and do that.

Enjoy every moment of your time.

  1. Stop Always Grinding Hard- We are all destined to be successful, you don’t need to sacrifice your health for success.

There is a seed/talent buried inside everyone, you just have to discover that talent and develop it. Sometimes you need the help of an expert e.g. Counselors, Mentors and sometimes you need to multitask and try a lot of things.

  1. Get Connected with Your Loved Ones- This is very important, always stay connected with your family and friends.

This can be very difficult sometimes, I know what you are feeling right now. There are some children that don’t let their parent know what they are doing because if they know, they might stop them or criticize them.

There was a time back in college, I and my team were discussing about how we can source for fund to launch our new E-Commerce website. We were a group of developers and our website was set and ready so we wanted to throw a party to launch It, just for awareness purpose. I made a suggestion that we should send emails to our relatives like uncle, aunty… etc… to make it look official and the whole team started laughing and making funny gestures, it was that day I realized it’s a general issue.

If you call that uncle or aunt, they will keep promising till you lose hope in them so sometimes you have to push yourself up to the extent of getting noticed but that doesn’t mean you should give up on them. Always stay connected with them.

Another instance – there are families where the parents does not support what their children are doing whereas that’s where their passion lies and we have some cases whereby the child will have to run away from home to pursue those dreams and may later become successful only to come back home to hear the death of the father or the mother…..sad right?

Even if you have to run away, stay connected with them especially your mum, mothers have soft heart, your father may not want to speak with you but he is happy that you’re in touch.

But on a serious note, you don’t need to run away and Parents, please don’t make your children run away

I always say

Parents should give their 100% support to their kids while growing up.

if what the child loves doing is not something illegal

Written By Fikayo Ajayi

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