Super League: Africa will learn from Europe, says CAF President

According to a statement released by the continental organization on Sunday, CAF President Patrice Motsepe believes that Africa could succeed where Europe failed and launch a super league.
“We’ll learn from their experience and pitfalls, and we’ll follow attempts by a number of top European clucks to form a Super League.
“We assess and initiate a broad-based, inclusive and profitable African Super League in the preliminary discussions in this respect.”
Negative supporters have prevented the recent launch of Super League Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, AC Madrid, AC Milan, and Juventus.
But Motsepe is pushing forward, following FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s announcement last year to CAF officials that he favours 20 permanent African Super League members and more qualifying competitors.
For the 2021/2024 cycle, the prize money for the Champions League and the second-tier CAF Confederation Cup was meant to rise, but Motsepe made no mention of it.
Champions receive $2.5 million (2.1 million euros), Confederation Cup winners $1.25 million, and even clubs who go all the way have complained that they do not break even, owing to the high cost of travel.
Because of a cancelled contract, Johannesburg-based pan-African channel SuperSport has not been broadcasting CAF national team or club games since mid-2019, Motsepe stated TV rights are receiving “serious attention.”
Two years ago, CAF cancelled a $1 billion TV and marketing deal with Lagardere Sports, a French business, after two courts decided that it was unlawfully awarded.
Many African authorities, according to AFP, were enraged that CAF earned $1 billion for a 12-year contract while Asia won $4 billion for an eight-year contract that did not include Lagardere.
CAF recently informed nine nations that proposed venues for 2022 World Cup qualifiers were not up to international standards, and Motsepe reiterated that the poor state of some stadiums was another priority.

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