This Democracy day may be the last one we celebrate – Soyinka

Nigerian Nobel laureate professor Wole Soyinka on Monday June 14 in an interview with Arise TV said that this year’s democracy day may be the last we celebrate as a nation if the government does not make reforms soon

He said “And that is what’s happening to people in the streets. That’s why they are moving, that’s why they are demonstrating; that’s why they are defying even threats from the police and the government – If you demonstrate, we will do this, if you do this, we will deal with you, we will talk to you in language which you understand – it does not wash with anybody any longer. Because if a nation is on a suicide slide, the people who feel that they do not deserve that kind of suicidal plunge have a right to say they are getting off this plane before it nosedives.”

He said that the tribal wars and secession tensions emanates from Buhari’s denial to listen the agitations of Nigerians, when he was asked if he thinks Nigerian can continue as one, he responded “Not if it continues this way. Not if it fails to decentralize. If Nigeria fails to decentralize, and I mean to decentralize as fast as possible, manifestly and not as rhetoric, then Nigeria cannot stay together. Take for instance the position of the Southern governors on open grazing, at least 50 per cent of a nation are saying that within this democratic dispensation we are operating, we are saying on behalf of our people, we do not want open grazing anymore and then somebody sits in Aso Rock and says to them, I am instructing my Attorney-General to dig up some kind of colonial law, which arbitrated between farmers and herders.

“This means that he is not listening to what the people are saying, he is not listening to what the government representing them is saying. When I listen to things like that, I really despair. His last interview was instructive, not that there was anything new in it, one was just hoping that this government has transcended that kind of partisan thinking.”

Soyinka complained that the Nigerian Government has the truncated the value of democracy by robbing Nigerians from their freedom of expression, he also spoke about the recent twitter ban, he said “When you truncate any channel of self-expression of a people, you are literally becoming an enemy of democracy. It is so obvious and plain that I don’t even understand why one has to expatiate on it,”
Wole Soyinka stated that Buhari is asleep and unaware of what is happening currently in the country, blaming the people around him for telling him what he wants to hear “I think they are people who say to him the things he wants to hear, if he is depending on them, his government is doomed and so is this nation. During this so-called democracy day, it’s time for some drastic thinking on the part of his government.”

by David Adeleye

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