Tribute to Obama of Davido’s DMW

Tiwa Savage, Perruzi, and other Nigerian music stars have gone to social media to pay their respects to Obama DMW, a close colleague of popstar Davido.

Tiwa Savage, an acclaimed musician, wrote on her verified Instagram profile that the entire 30BG team was in a shambles as a result of Obama’s death.

She claimed that the boys were inconsolably saddened by his demise.
“Braveheart, strong heart, gentle heart, kind heart, pure heart, peacemaker, hot stepper, upcoming politician, I know you’d want me to add ‘stylish’ to this list but ummmm… yes hahaha (abi @mekkamillions @therealjaybreeze @traficbabz @elizabeth elohor @tiwaayankoya make I add am?)” she tweeted.

“It was stated that they sought to smear your reputation, but you protected theirs by refusing to reveal your side of the story. I’ve never met somebody who was as brave/strong as you while simultaneously being as sweet and nice.

“I’m not sure why you always laughed at my silly jokes; you were willing to take a bullet for your loved ones. 44, my black president, you’re resting well now, far from this cruel world.
“All your boys are a wreck, I’m sure you see them all crying like babies. You better tell them to be strong men. I’m allowed to cry, I’m a girl; so, don’t try to console me, I won’t listen to you anyway. I really don’t know what you were trying to prove sha, by leaving like this. It is so unlike you.
“This isn’t the end; that thing you and I used to talk about, I PROMISE I WILL DO IT, and you will be proud of me. We’re merely burying your body today because your beautiful spirit will never be trapped in that sand, and don’t worry, we’ve got @manlikeabdul omw on the case. Habeeb, I adore you, and we adore you. King, till we meet again” (sic)

Peruzzi, a close friend of the deceased, is still reeling at the news of his friend’s death.
Peruzzi stated on his verified Instagram page, “You have the answers to all my questions about life.” Peruzzi shared a video of some humorous experiences he had with the deceased. This one has a unique impact. “I will always love you.”

Soso Soberekon, a music executive, shared multiple photos of himself with Obama DMW, also known as 44, on his verified Instagram account.

He stated that they had been friends for two decades as he wrote, “44 forever OBAMA. My friend. My sibling. You kept it honest with me from our Rita Lori days about 20 years ago to 30bg. “A Soulja was taken from us” (sic)
Mayorkun, a Nigerian popstar, also used his Instagram story to post sadness emojis with no words to convey that he is suffering.

Although Davido has not responded to the news, insiders close to the musician have told The PUNCH that he is in a depressed state and is mourning the death of his close friend and associate, Obama DMW.

by olusanya olutayo

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