Vox Populae Vox Dei: People Speaks About Eye Elero

This popular Latin maxim, which literarily means the voice of the people are the voice of God. Aptly encapsulates, the generality of the view of the people that has close encounter with Eye Elero the late matriarch, it vividly signified that late madam Olufunke Ajayi lived a pleasant life, touching people positively in her own little way, regardless of the fact that they are her biological offspring, as attested to by relatives, in-law, associates of mama s children, as their joint voices postulated mama s good deeds while on this side of divide and in tandem with the maxim above, it shows that mama is having eternal rest in the bosom hands of God. Here is an excerpt of people’s voice regarding mama s positive impact  during her life s time.

OGUNMOLA OLAJIDE- Mama’s First Child

I have been with Mama since I was young, she brought me up and taught me lot of lessons and I followed everything, I took all her advice and never went back on any.

She was very hardworking; she did a lot of businesses when she was alive. She was kind and open-hearted. In fact, she was the type of person that gives her last card when a stranger comes for help. I thank God for her life and the way she spoke to; everyone made people that has cross her path, loved her lifestyle.
She adopted me immediately I was born and she took care of me. She even used to tell her own children that I’m the first child and they should respect me. Her death pained me and everyone

All the things being said about her today are true because she lived a good live; very hardworking. She took care of people around her and everything paid off and I pray God should protect those of us she left behind.


 I have been married to Mama’s son (Peter Ajayi)for the past 18 years.
My first meeting with Peter and his mother in the year 2000 was so sudden. It was love at first sight; she fell in love with me and since then we’ve been friends even till her death. I thank God she lived a good life and we were able to do what children do to their parents; what they deserve in their lives, good health, shelter and all that just to make her happy.
She was in Lagos early this year and we did a family outing; took her for check-up; we did everything possible for her. I did my best as a daughter- in-law for her. She used to tell me then “I will be a mother to you” and she was really a good mother.

She lived a peaceful life and she always pray for us whenever she calls even until the night before her death and it really pained me because it came as a shock to me when I heard the news of her death.


My mother was the first born of Mama and since our mother died, she has been the only mother to us. She was peaceful, caring, compassionate and very encouraging, anyone who is lazy cannot be friend with Mama because she was very hardworking.

She taught us how to work hard and not to rely on any man; she taught us how to be independent and strong as a woman since our youthful days.


I’m from Ogotun Ekiti where Mama’s elder sister lived for years before her death and that was when I got to know Mama. She came with her friends and family and I also know her son, Peter Ajayi a long time ago.
Mama was a very good person that loved speaking her mind; she didn’t keep things to herself; she was a business tycoon, she accommodates a lot and that’s how she got the nickname “Eye Elero” popularly known in Ora Ekiti, Ifaki Ekiti and Orin Ekiti. Her character spoke volume,

She was nice and very disciplined because she raised her children in a good way and obviously, they are all good today.

Yaro Yaro, (SSA To Lagos State Governor on Agriculture)

With the turn up here at Mama’s burial, it shows she was a good woman; her son is a very good man and it’s obvious that his mother brought him up well.
Everyone likes Peter Ajayi and if the burial was done in Lagos, it would have been massive than this and even considering the fact that it is done in Ekiti, people came down to pay their last respect to Mama.

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