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Yahoo Business in Nigeria, Mass Jamb Failure: What should We Expect Next

Cyber Fraud business which is popularly known as “yahoo yahoo” has become rampant in Nigeria so much that teenagerswho are yet to own acell phone already dream of making money in yahoo business. They make use of terms used by the established yahoo boys and its becoming a wide-spread syndrome that is now affecting the performance of Nigerian youth in the educational sector.

Cyberfraud has been in existence for many years, this is sort of a bounce back of 419 which became popular in the 1980’s but more advancedpresently. The government involvement so far to curb the situation seems futile as more boys and ladies are getting involved regularly. They now have various means for duping their victims which are impersonation on social media, email phishing, business email compromisation, dating site, identity theft, dubious website and business dealings worth millions of currencies.

The recent JAMB Examination results recorded a mass failure and one of the reasons for thehigh percentage of bad results is change in mindset. According to the board, 6,944,368 applicants took the exam, but only 973,384 passed with sufficient scores to gain admission to Nigerian universities, which means a mere 14% passed while 86% failed. The youths donot believe in the Educational system anymore and their mindset is now corrupted with this syndrome. They don’t study like before because all they think about is “Cashapp, billing, loading,” etc… Like it’s popularly used. All they think is how to make money in any fast and possible way; they don’t want to go through the conventional process and it is affecting the country’s reputation and also will affect their future. Young Nigerians don’t want to school again but it would be better if thereason oftheir disinterest for school is a positive one, unfortunately it’s a negative one and its saddening.

Some kids from rich families, are okay financially but they are the Kings and Queens in this business and this brings us to the question “What causes the drive to join Yahoo?

The thirst for yahoo business has gone beyond people joining because there is no money or there is no job. It’s something more; it’s like a territorial thing, a competitive game which is making it the abnormal a norm.

The yahoo business trend is mainly caused by Peer Pressure. When you mix with people, there is tendency you imitate their attitudes and behaviours, now living in an environment where all the inhabitants are involved in the yahoo business; you should expect nothing less. The youth get intimated by what their peers are doing and they feel they need to be part of it just because they want to feel among. When some attempt several times and they do not get any results, they end up going to the extreme like seeking out for metaphysical power to hypnotize any victim on their radar or even do money ritual; these ones are called “Yahoo plus” boys.

Another cause is “SocialMedia lifestyle”, the social media which has impacted many positive things in the world has it negative side and also it has been the inspiration behind some yahoo guys.  People get oppressed easily with flashy and flamboyant things they see on social media; they want to live that type of lifestyle so bad that they are ready to do whatever it takes to buy that lifestyle.

We must not but mention the Governmental factor in this. It’s not longer news that the government has a big fault in this issue. There are many reasons that pull Nigerians into the yahoo business rising from Unemployment, bad governance, poverty rate, unavailability of social amenities and many more. 90% of the youth does not benefit directly from the government and they just find their way to keep fit, some hustle legally while others involved in illegal activities

A third of Nigeria working population are unemployed, mostly youths and when they see the extravagant lifestyle of their peers who are involved in the cybercrime world, they rethink their position and settle for yahoo business so they can also live large and drive flashy cars like they have always dreamed. They believe they deserve better and more out of life which is true but because of their mindset, they feel they need to make money faster and the only channel that appears to offer that is Yahoo Yahoo.

The Yahoo Yahoo syndrome is presently in some major sectors in Nigeria, speak of the movie industry which needs investors, the tourism industry and mostly dominated in the music industry. Many are proud of this cyber fraud and they promote this illicit act; it’s obviously taking over the whole country.

Do you actually think this can be stopped? No, let’s all employ realistic thinking into this matter. You can’t help everybody, even if you really try hard, you can’t make everyone accept your reality, so trying to stop cyber fraud in Nigeria is like stopping the country from existing.

Government already setup anti-graft agencies like EFCC and ICPC to prosecute offenders, these guys are like FBI in Nigeria; they have prosecuted  many young men even SARS, the ones that wasn’t entrenched to fight against cybercrime took it upon themselves and ended up killing many souls in the course but this never stopped the youth from the illicit activities infact more Nigerians are getting involved every day.

Reality is the difference between what we wish for and what it is., the only thing we can be strong and good at is PREVENTION. “Prevention is better than Cure” they say; the upcoming ones, the boys and girls should be enlightened, educated about all these things, they should be made aware about all these stuffs before they get exposed to it or before they figure it out in a way that they don’t have choice.It is what it is.

Nigerians are very smart and hardworking but they are directing their energy to the wrong channel,what is needed is mindset shift, people change because Change is constant and they had a reality before so what they are into now can be stopped too if they believe they can succeed without involving in illicit activities. Anyone can make it in Nigeria and the Government should show more support to the youths so their hope can be strengthened.

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<p><em>By Fikayo Ajayi</em></p>

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